What to do About Congenitally missing Teeth

Typically, most people have 32 teeth that are permanent that might develop over time, and that’s perfectly normal. However, there are some that never grow at all in some cases. For some people, hey might talk to their Pacoima dentist about this, and they might realize that they have congenitally missing teeth. However, you might think that this is weird, but in reality, it’s actually more common than you might think. This article will go over what it is, and how to treat this kind of thing.

Congenitally missing teeth might seem weird, but there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to forming the teeth. In some cases, congenitally missing teeth runs n families which means it’s inherited. There are certain systemic conditions that can also result in missing teeth. Often, many times you aren’t able to avoid this, but it can cause a few issues for some.

Some people tend to feel self-conscious about this. Teeth are important, and if you’re missing one because of genetic problems, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. It’s something that you can’t help, but often people feel bad about this. However, there are ways to combat this feeling, and there are some important dental tools that can help with this. There are some treatments that works wonders for a person.

The first, is dental implants. They are essentially an artificial tooth that is put at the roots. They help to provide a strange foundation for replacement teeth. They in essence are a replacement tooth for someone, and they have all the same functions, and they can match with the other teeth to create harmony. They are often combined with a crown in order to make it seem natural, functioning, and able to last a long time.

There is also a dental bridge. This is the next best option, which I a bridge that helps to connect the gap between two missing teeth. Often, there are crowns that are put adjacent to each side of the cap are then connected to a false tooth that is then put in the missing space. You have to be more careful with this than the implants, so it’s important to consider that when you’re choosing one.

There is a removable partial denture, which is essentially a denture that consists of a replacement tooth attached to a plastic base. This in essence will rest on your natural teeth and gums. This is often not the best option for some people, because it tends to not sit in well with the rest of the teeth, but it is an option and can be considered f you need one.

Finally, there is orthodontic treatments, and this is often recommended if there are gaps left by missing teeth that will cause the teeth to rotate ad move into the empty space. This in turn can cause major alignment issues and other problems, and it can often look weird in many cases. For some people, it might be important to work on this, since the bite is often something that needs to be fixed. With orthodontic treatment, it’s used to help keep the gap open, and then, you can combine this with the other options listed above in order to make sure that the missing tooth is taken care of and helped.


With a congenital missing tooth, it’s not really something that you can handle, but it can cause everything from jaw issues, to bite problems if not taken care of, and it should be something that you as a parent, or you yourself need to consider. Often, people think it’s just how life is, but that isn’t the case. You should if you have congenitally missing teeth, talk to your dentist about your options. Your Pacoima dentist can help you with this, and they can suggest further options for you if you need something. This is a condition that can’t be helped, but rather it is a genetic problem in origin, however, it’s best that you take your time, making sure that you do take care of your smile, for it will make the rest of life easier.


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